What is “yabai” of the “Yabai Ninkatsu”?

We had a huge feedback on the previous forum called “Yabai Ninkatsu,” which was changed its copy from “Konotori Ninkatsu forum.”

What is “yabai” of the “Yabai Ninkatsu”?


1)Staff are yabai!

First of all, all working members are “Mama,” therefore they can think, create and convey things based on their own experiences.

Many stories based on the experiences give empathy, relief and a motivation to take action to the audience.

That is why it is yabai!


2)”Who budgets?” is yabai!

At some usual “Ninkatsu forum,” a municipality prepares the budget, several specialists give speeches, and the audience learns from past evidence, current trend and future direction. However, at our forum, Yabu-city, HYOGO, the Cabinet Office and MAMAHATA budgeted.

They left all operation to us, MAMAHATA, which is run by “Mama” only. At First, we had followed a style of usual “Ninkatsu forum,” that was not interesting at all.

Then we had changed the contents as our inner voices can spark joy. Naturally the contents became more serious and more awesome.


3)Participants are yabai!

Our forum is audience-participating style which conventional one doesn’t have, so their real impressions comes to us.

Perhaps it would be an ideal opportunity to get back to the starting point for women or couples who have had a lot of doubt about ongoing Ninkatsu.

It is yabai since it would be true Ninkatsu!


Technology has achieved its various changes from the beginning of history and human being has evolved steadily but I guess our body and soul have not changed so much.


We meet, like, love each other and have children. There is a basis as “we trust and need each other and create something” in our lives. I believe that is all.

Life had become economics and commercial items. As a result of our close-up on them, our body and soul have been exhausted.

“Yabai Ninkatsu” run by people involved focuses on this point and it is the best fit to the coming era which we can make the most important thing for man be treated as important one.


They say that in the world of astrology, on December 22nd, the era will be “Air” from “Earth.” It means that the era of items will be behind us and the era of soul will be coming.


Finally, it must be the dawn of a sensation of “Yabai Ninkatsu” on January 10th, 2021, which will totally shift the market’s paradigm.



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